Balancing Boats » Racing Yacht

Pictured item is made of:
sweet chestnut and black walnut

Available in 4 sizes:
SMALL app 20cm high
MEDIUM app 30cm high
LARGE app 35-40cm high
EXTRA LARGE above 45-50cm high

This design was created special for 2012 Volvo Ocean Race final in Galway. Boats are perfectly balanced on their rounded base and with a gentle push, appear to be sailing the ocean.

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Racing Yacht

Balancing Boat combine decorative and functional values, as you may change the position of their sails, slip a note in between or use them as a stand for the business cards etc. Perfect personalized gift or award's trophy with engraved plate. Please contact us for details. *Please note that each piece is uniquely handcrafted with one of a kind wood pattern.